How can I get to Camino Art Hostel, San Mateo?

Camino Art Hostel is located in Vega de San Mateo on Gran Canaria. Our 90 years old building is facing to the fabulous valley of Mireles and was known as the Finca de Mireles.

There are many ways to get to the hostel:

by car

  1. by car from Las Palmas: take direction to Tafira – Santa Brigida – San Mateo. We are by the road nr15, around the km 9.
  2. by car from the Airport: take direction to Las Palmas, by Telde turn left, and take the road to Santa Brigida, and follow the road to direction to San Mateo. We are by the road nr15, around km 9.
  3. by car from the center of the island: take the road nr15 from Tejeda for example, we are by the km 9.

by bus

  1. by bus from Las Palmas: take nr303 from San Telmo park (main bus station in Las Palmas) and get off at the stop called: Vuelta el Chorillo. Walk 300 meters back on the same road until you find the hostel by the road.
  2. by bus from the Airport: take the bus nr60 to San Telmo park in Las Palmas and change to bus nr303 to San Mateo. Get off by the stop called: vuelta de Chorillo, and walk back on the road about 300 meters until you find the hostel.
  3. by bus from Tejeda: take the bus nr305 from Tejeda to San Mateo than walk about 25 minutes to the hostel (is about 1,6 km). Or take the bus nr303 to the bus stop called: Vuelta de Chorillo and walk 300 meters to the hostel.

by bike

  1. by bike please find the road nr15 (GC 15) we are about the km 9/km 10.


  1. you can also arrive walking, just follow the road nr15. From Tejeda is about 20 kms, just like from Telde, it is also about 20kms walk.



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