“…people are afraid of seeing themselves in creative (fashion) photography…” – meet Amalija Andersone, food and object photographer

Amalija and Miks spent two weeks at the Artist Residency of Camino Art Hostel. They were endlessly working, but you need to know that their work is their pession. So in this way were enjoying there short time here too. Amalija is such a quiet, shy person, you wouldn’t expect this when look at her works. Under her moderate skin a very vivid and energetic person hiding. With Miks on her side they are the best food/object photographer team you could imagine.
Camino: How did you end up as a professional photography team, what is your story until you found exactly this what you are doing now?

Amalija: I have always been interested in beautiful images – I remember flipping through fashion and interior design magazines when I was a kid. I studied graphical design but became bored of sitting in front of a screen all day long. At first I did fashion photography as a hobby and the usual stuff for clients– weddings, portraits. But doing that I found that it takes a lot of my creative energy to talk and organize the models for the photoshoot and I would be more interested in spending that energy for making the set (setting the background, lights, all the small details). Also, people are usually afraid of seeing themselves in a very creative (fashion) photography, so they usually want to do something that is more “normal”. I started experimenting with food styling and photography and found out that it allows me to express myself the way I want – I can spend my time making the set and playing around with the food. And I mostly don’t have any creative limitations from the client as they like to see their products in the best possible way.

Camino: How do you combine work with travelling? How does it work?

Amalija: When you work as a freelancer you are responsible for organizing your own time and projects, so it is possible to make longer time for travel that you couldn’t otherwise do. I would like to work while traveling, but I haven’t yet come that far. It takes some skills to find international clients and organize the photoshoots around the World. But I am starting to get the feel of it because while I travel I work for my own projects – gathering material for books about adventure and food. In the near future I would like to make that my work – to travel around the world and make books about food.

Camino: What is your inspiration in taking photos? what inspires you?


Amalija: I am inspired by everything that is beautiful: places, interiors, nature, fashion, food; I like to take the best out of everything and translate that in what I do. That is also the main reason I travel – to see more than I could if I would be at home.

Camino: How would you describe your time in Camino Art Hostel regarding to work and and travelling? Did you have favourite places, foods, moments? Did you get inspired?

Amalija: We had a great time at Camino Art Hostel. We were traveling around the island every day and this was the perfect place to return to in the evening. It was very peaceful compared to all the places we saw in Gran Canaria and that was perfect for concentrating on my own work. I couldn’t imagine staying in a hotel where you are surrounded by tourists and synthetic restaurants. In Camino Hostel we could enjoy the local landscape and very authentic place to stay in. I really liked that I could always find a quiet place to get away from everybody to read a book or do some yoga on the rooftop. I started every day with a fresh mango from the local market and a quick workout on the rooftop – best morning routine to start an inspirational day.

Camino: What is the project that you are were working on while being on Gran Canaria?

Amalija: I was working on my book (I can tell a bit more about it when I finish it, there is still a lot of work to do 🙂 and taking photos of the local foods and places that I will us in the book.


To see more about Amalija please visit her webpage!



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